April is Donate Life Month

 second  chances

A percentage of patients with scleroderma develop fibrosis of the lungs, resulting in a necessary lung transplant.

From wheelchair to recovery.

Gladys - 9 years post transplant


 I was on 30-35 liters of oxygen before my transplant. I recently watched my son get married and became a grandmother.

Michelle - 7 years post transplant 

Scleroderma uploaded pic of me - Michell

 Currently in recovery, received new lungs on March 21, 2019.

- Ryan,

prayers welcome 

 Hollie, from the United Kingdom, needed a new heart and that's exactly what she got on May 2016 

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Lori went through kidney failure, May 2018, and gets dialysis three times a week. She has just been placed on the transplant list.

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 This month's newsletter is dedicated to our dear friend Prasha. She will forever be in our hearts.


1/13/88 - 2/7/2019

She was a brave lung transplant advocate and recipient who survived 3 years longer with new lungs.