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May is Mama Month: From Babies to Cats

  I absolutely consider my pets to be my children. I love them, I provide for them, and they bring me great joy. Love is real no matter if your children have toes or paws. - Chanel, Nova, & Calliope 

  Motherhood is explored in different ways by those affected with scleroderma  

My biggest stress reliever is the daily hugs and kisses that my baby girl gives me! She tells me she loves me all the time and instantly I am relieved! - Jvonne & Rylee


Being a mother with scleroderma pushes me everyday to live my best life, making memories with my daughter on a daily basis. It helps me appreciate life and realize that time is the most expensive currency! - Jennifer & Kaiden 

This month's blog

  honoring mom   

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